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Novate means ‘replace with something new’.  Novation Now provides training and services in systematic innovation.

Provide your executives, managers, and operational staff with Novation Now’s training.  Systematic innovation techniques can be used by personnel at all organisational levels and in every industry.  Engineering, software, education, entertainment, manufacturing, social, and business solutions can be systematically innovated with powerful techniques that candidates will learn to use within any organisation.

In Novation Now’s training, the industry or business knowledge of candidates is combined with systematic innovation approaches to make significant product, service, process, or strategic advances.  Novation Now uses systematic innovation approaches which originated in Russia 70 years ago and continue to be modernised and extended.

Novation Now’s courses are used to transfer systematic innovation skills to leaders and workers in an organisation.  A core component of candidates can be used to grow and sustain a culture of innovation throughout the organisation.  Novation Now offers an optional service to help kick-start and to oversee a systematic innovation process working together with leaders and workers from the target organisation.

Novation Now uses trainers with 5 to 15 years’ experience, often spanning different industries.  All courses have a practical component where plausible conceptual solutions, to up to four real-world problems provided by the candidates, are generated.  Ranking and commercialisation of generated solutions usually provides great organisational value.


Our individual training course brochures are found below:

Practical Systematic Innovation (PSI) 3 days – one day a week over three consecutive weeks

This course provides a strong practical foundation in systematic innovation approaches.  It is a pre-requisite for more advanced systematic training courses (APSIL and SASI as described in final two paragraphs).  Completing the course and advanced courses provides sufficient skills for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) evaluation by International evaluation bodies.  Click link above for brochure.

Novation Now company certificates are issued for successful completion if candidates meet evaluation standards, or for attendance only.

How to Invent and Innovate for Business Success (IIBS) 2 days class training over two weeks and a further two weeks for an innovation assignment report for evaluation

This course is designed to meet the requirements of NQF level 4 unit standard 11460 “Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business .”  The course is not yet accredited under the NQF framework but includes significant content based on core systematic innovation findings.  The course does cover the material of 11460 and can be later recognised by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Click link above for course brochure.

Novation Now company certificates are issued for successful completion if candidates meet evaluation standards, or for attendance only.

Practical Systematic Innovation for Executives, Divisional managers, and HODs (PSIE) 1 day duration

This course provides an overview of systematic innovation approaches highlighting specific techniques, principles and trends.  The course acquaints these decision-makers with the approaches and provides an example exercise for a more practical understanding. Candidates will know about the approaches but they will not be skilled in the approaches due to insufficient time for deeper learning through active grappling with an innovation problem to breakthrough solution realisation. Click link above for course brochure.

Novation Now company certificates are issued for attendance only.

APSIL – Advanced Practical Systematic Innovation for Leads (5 days) – Advances and deepens the knowledge of systematic innovation techniques held by successful PSI candidates who, ideally, have introduced at least two innovations which have been accepted for implementation by their organisations.   Prerequisite is PSI.

SASI – Supervisor Accelerated Systematic Innovation (7 days over 7 weeks) – equips manager-supervisors chosen by an organisation to facilitate and measure their innovation culture and the flow of innovations.  Prerequisite is APSIL.