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How to Invent and Innovate for Business Success

Download PDF Course Brochure: IIBS Course Brochure How to Invent and Innovate for Business Success

Course Duration: Two days within a four-week period, complemented by
home study assignments – total of 40 expected hours of learning.

Course Times: Start 7h30 for 8h00 to 16h30

Course Location: At client site or public training facility

Course Presentation: Instructor/Facilitator-led and presented in English

Course Content: Course content based on SAQA Unit Standard 114600

Certificate: Novation Now Certificate

Who should attend?

  • Small and medium business owners who wish to accelerate their growth through innovation
  • Entrepreneurs who need to explore the path to business success through innovation
  • Inventors who have a product, service, process, or business idea they wish to improve
  • Individuals, employees or consultants who wish to learn powerful innovation skills
  • Anyone interested in doing things better, faster, cheaper, more easily, or more effectively

 Course pre-requisites

  • At least Grade 10 computer literacy. There is no need for computers in class; they will however be helpful for home-based exercises.
  • At least Grade 10 Mathematics ability although only limited addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be used on whole numbers or fractions. Candidates may go beyond these mathematical skills should their innovation ideas require them to.
  • At least Grade 10 Communication ability – The course is facilitated and presented in English. Course slides and notes are in English.

 You will learn

  1. How to bring creativity into business
  • Develop creative ideas and opportunities for your business
  • Learn how, when, and when not to use creative thinking and analytical thinking
  • Know the barriers to innovative thinking so you can remove them
  • Learn a number of lateral thinking techniques including some of the most powerful principles to raise innovation levels
  1. How to develop and grow a new business
  • Innovation is defined and described and the why, what, how, who, and when, are answered using business examples
  • Types of innovation are identified and explained using business examples
  • How innovation impacts a business is explained with business examples
  • How successful entrepreneurship and innovation work together is explained by using business examples
  • Factors that help a business to start and progress are clarified by business examples
  1. How to use Innovation principles and practices in business
  • Create new products and services for greater profitability and viability
  • Find different ways to run your business that cut costs and increase income
  • Find ways to grow more employment opportunities while avoiding business risk
  • Find low risk ways to develop employee skills.
  • Use innovative thinking to reduce the effect of opposing firms on your business

Further information:  For course costs, dates or other information please contact or on 0836040902.