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Practical Systematic Innovation – (PSI)

Practical Systematic Innovation

Download as PDF: PSI Workshop Brochure Practical Systematic Innovation ver 2.8-1

Workshop Duration:  Three days                                                 Course Code:  PSI

Workshop Presenter:  Wayne Mallinson                                    eMail:

Company:  Novation Now (Pty) Ltd.                                                Web:

Audience: Workers, supervisors, managers, executives from all industries and career fields requiring better products, processes, services, and strategies for themselves and for their organisations.

Workshop Benefits: Innovation beats cost reduction, synchronisation and customisation as a sustainable business strategy, but it can also make the other strategies more effective and efficient.

Workshop Pre-requisites:  Knowledge of your area of work and a passion to improve products, processes, services, and approaches.  An interest in science and art and willingness to work hard will be useful.

Workshop Style: The workshop is conducted in English.  The facilitated sessions include presented theory, combined with attendees working through practical problem or innovation challeges as individual and group assignments.

Workshop Certification:  A company certificate is awarded to all candidates who meet a standard of 50% or higher for their participation in group activities and for completion of individual tasks and assessments.

Workshop Duration:  Three days often at a pace of one day per week or for out-of-Guateng training, three days within a five day period.  Workshop days start at 08h00 for 8h30 and end at 17h00 each day.  Approximately two hours of at home work are required on the first two workshop evenings.

Workshop Description:  The workshop comprises six modules.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Innovation – This module compares relatively weak methods of innovation such as brain storming, brain writing, lateral thinking, retrospectives, and following client solution suggestions. It compares these methods to systematic innovation techniques.  Factors supporting innovation and innovators are discussed.
  • Module 2: Introduction to Systematic Innovation – Based researched principles, trends and a variety of methods validated over the past 70 years.
  • Module 3: Introduction to an easy-to-learn and use, derivative systematic innovation approach – developed in the US in the 1990s.  Candidates are introduced to Problem Definition methods which support innovation.
  • Module 4: Introduction to Problem Analysis methods supportive of innovation from the US approach.
  • Module 5: Introduction to Problem Solution methods supportive of innovation from the US approach.
  • Module 6: Innovating in Your Workplace is a roadmap to progress innovation in your organisation.

Course Venues:  Courses are either at your workplace or at selected hotels or  conference facilities.

Further Information: For course enrolment schedules, course dates, pricing, potential discounts, and additional information. Contact Wayne at

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